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We are here to answer any questions you may have. We also welcome calls from prosthetists who would like to ask about fitting patients, etc. Use the form below to contact us. If you would like us to send you a material sample, please indicate that when sending us your details. 

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A division of NETTwork Manufacturing.

OFFICE: (855) 654-0858

40091 Co Rd 1, Rice, MN 56367

Why Trust The EMS Socket System?

Other socket systems are non-dynamic, meaning they are unable to accommodate volume changes that will occur naturally throughout the day. As they all utilize both compression and pressure to maintain connection to hold the prosthetic in place, volume changes are increased.

The EMS avoids that by using friction in combination with flexible load distribution. This allows the patient to maintain volume. Combined with its other features, the EMS allows amputees a more consistent, comfortable, confident connection.

With an inferior system, something as simple as sitting can be uncomfortable for an amputee. The balancing of fluid changes within tissue, moisture accumulation around the skin, while accommodating for muscle movement, the EMS can provide freedoms that other systems may not be able to.

US Patent Numbers Include: US8758449B2, US8114167B2, US20120173000A1, US20040181290A1

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